I owe this site to Mel and the gang at all poster forum. When I first joined he encouraged me to make a collection site.  His is first rate and you shouldn't pass it up.
SELLERS Stew has quite a collection of quads for movies he most likely saw behind the projector as he has is a real life movie projectionist. He has been collecting for the past 20 years.
AUTHENTICATION Thierry, this guy has everything.  He is a Spielberg nut, a Dario Argento collector, a Brigitte Bardot enthusiast, etc., etc.  Just check it out but don't blame me for lost time...
  Holiday has one of, if not the, best collections of Japanese material on the planet.  He also has a great animation section that my daughter asks for often.
  Ves is a daybill(er).  She's got top notch stuff from Australia.  Believe me there is stuff in here you've never seen.
  Superb collection and website of 1500 posters owned by Eddie. I personally love this site...
  Ted is a top notch fella; has a great collection of Underworld posters.
Neo's collection consists of all types; some very nice bus stops.
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